All elected positions

Here is a complete list of all elected representatives in BÄR and their contact emails. If you wish to get in touch with someone lacking an official email (marked with a line), or if you do not know who to contact do not hesitate to send an email to and we will help you get in touch with the right person!

The board
Vice presidentKalle
SecretaryEmma Louise Jonsson
TreasurerFelicia Hebert
Information responsible Tora Fjä
Board member Waldemar Å
Education responsible
Representative for study welfareKlara Pettersson
BIF (BÄR:s athletic association)
President of BIF Vilgot
Vice president of BIF Alve Öckerman
Responsible for recreational activitiesHelena
Darwin (event and party responsible)
Sir DarwinPenina
Other positions
Responsible for international inclusionSofia Henriksson
Editor in chief for Bladet Hanna
Flag bearerDante Wensby-
Kiosk responsibleCarl Damell -
Kiosk responsibleAdam Sundell-
BÄR's nomination comitteeDante
BÄR's nomination
Representative for UTN's nomination comitteeCharlotte Markelund-
Representatives for UTN:s council
Ordinary representativeSigne Jönsson -
Ordinary representativeDante Wensby -
DeputyNelly Lindroth -
DeputySofia Henriksson-
Representatives for the IBG board
Ordinary representativeAnna Herbert -
Ordinary representativeFilip Bodlund Trostén-
DeputySigne Jönsson-
DeputyHanna Chavez-
Representatives for the Board for bachelor studies in biology
Ordinary representativeSofia Henriksson
Ordinary representativeAnton Tängerstad-
DeputySigne Jönsson -
DeputyJacob Löfman-
Representatives for the Board for master studies in biology
Ordinary representativeFilip Bodlund Trostén -
Ordinary representativeJacob Löfman -
DeputyDante Wensby -
DeputyFanny Settergren-
Representative for the Board for master studies in applied biotechnology
Ordinary representativeRasmus Barrow-
DeputyJoão Pedro Redondo Gonçalves-
Representative for the MEME board
Ordinary representativeFilip Bodlund Trostén-