All elected positions

Here is a complete list of all elected representatives in BÄR and their contact emails. If you wish to get in touch with someone lacking an official email (marked with a line), or if you do not know who to contact do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected] and we will help you get in touch with the right person!

The board
PresidentDante Wensby[email protected]
Vice presidentKent Do[email protected]
SecretaryLisa Teglbærg [email protected]
TreasurerLisa Corselli [email protected]
Information responsible Lucas Redberg[email protected]
Board member Anton Tängerstad[email protected]
Education responsible Filip Bodlund Trostén [email protected]
Representative for study welfareSigne Jönsson [email protected]
BIF (BÄR:s athletic association)
President of BIF Eline Miltenburg[email protected]
Vice president of BIF Adam Sundell [email protected]
Responsible for recreational activitiesEbba Ganslandt[email protected]
Darwin (event and party responsible)
Sir DarwinHanna Chavez[email protected]
Darwin finchCarl Damell[email protected]
Other positions
Responsible for international inclusionElla Hellberg [email protected]
AuditorEmil Björnström[email protected]
Editor in chief for Bladet Charlotte Markelund[email protected]
Flag bearerLisa Corselli-
Kiosk responsibleKalle Lindholm -
Kiosk responsibleEmil Björnström-
BÄR's nomination comitteeNelly Lindroth[email protected]
BÄR's nomination comitteeFanny Settergren[email protected]
Representative for UTN's nomination comitteeCharlotte Markelund-
Representatives for UTN:s council
Ordinary representativeVigge Ulfsson -
Ordinary representativeNelly Lindroth -
DeputyDante Wensby -
DeputyCharlotte Markelund-
Representatives for the IBG board
Ordinary representativeKristina Engström -
Ordinary representativeChristine Der Danielian-
DeputyFilippa Bertilsson-
DeputyDamon Groot-
Representatives for the Board for bachelor studies in biology
Ordinary representativeJacob Löfman
Ordinary representativeFanny Settergren-
DeputyHanna Chavez -
DeputyJoel Pålsson-
Representatives for the Board for master studies in biology
Ordinary representativeEvelina Eklund -
Ordinary representativeAxel Lindholm -
DeputyKristina Engström -
DeputyDamon Groot-
Representative for the Board for master studies in applied biotechnology
Ordinary representativeLeander Linke-
DeputyMarianne Nymark-
Representative for the MEME board
Ordinary representativeFilip Bodlund Trostén-