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The Student council of biology (BÄR for short) is a section within UTN that represents all biology students at the Biology education centre (IBG) at Uppsala university. BÄR is your best friend during your years as a biology student!

Latest news

Section name changes to BIOmore_vert

access_time 26 Nov Read more
Section name changes to BIOclose During the last FUM, a motion from BÄR was accepted to change our section name from NVB to BIO. In the upcoming months, NVB in documents, on the website, and email addresses will be changed to BIO. Read More

Applications for BÄR now openmore_vert

access_time 18 Nov Read more
Applications for BÄR now openclose The annual meeting is coming up (December 9th), and during this meeting all positions will be replaced. This means that you can apply for any position now! All information is collected in the Facebook event.You can read more about the positions in BÄR here.Apply using this form. Read More

Changes in masters applicationsmore_vert

access_time 11 Oct Read more
Changes in masters applicationsclose Do you want to apply for a Master's Programme in Biology? Then it's time to apply!Uppsala University is changing the search round for the Master's Programmes in Biology, Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology. This means that you must apply for the program during the autumn, between October 16 and January 15. It is not possible to apply to these programmes during March and April like the rest of the master's programmes. Apply at universityadmissions.se! Read More

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