Below is a form which you can fill out completely anonymously. The message you write in the form will be sent to the Representative for study welfare. No one else will see the message unless the Representative for study welfare deems it necessary. The Representative for study welfare works to improve welbeing and welfare for students, so you can fill out this form if you've for instance been exposed to offensive or racist behaviour, have complaints about the board or someone in BÄR, or for some other reason want to send a message. If you don't fill out your email the message will be completely anonymous.

Please note that all board members are catious about the information we share, but no one in the board is bound by professional secrecy.

Finally, here are some links to helpful resources and organizations:

Does the form not show up? Use this link to access it: https://forms.gle/F1ngEtfTfuGRTLLq7