Bio-days is a job market week for biology students at Uppsala University. Our ambition is to create more events where you as a student are given the opportunity to get a better insight in the job market, moreover create connections with companies and other employers. The week will include multiple events, including a work fair.

Bio-days will take place 4/3–8/3, 2024 (v. 10) at Evolution Biology Centrum (EBC). The work fair will take place on Wednesday 6/3, 2024. You can amongst other things look forward to interesting lectures, exciting competitions and much more. To remain updated about the events you may follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@biodagarna).

If you have any questions or represent a company that would like to take part in the Bio-days, you can contact the committee by

The people behind the Bio-days

Project manager
Chanel Samin

Marketing manager
Emma-Louise Jonsson

Vice project manager and financially responsible
Elliot Widholm Lager

Event managers
Anna Jan and Mira Egnell

Business manager
Johanna Ringstam